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24 hour business blueprint

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Get excited and TAKE ACTION 🙂


24 hour business because there are things you can rent for 24 hours.


Those things you can are usually tools of some sort.


They are typically rented because they are too expensive for most people to justify as they may only use them once or twice per year


Most people are lazy.


Most people don’t have a truck, want to pay a full rental rate, pick up the thing, use it, then return it.


We can use all of this to our advantage, ultimate arbitrage.


We are going to rent a tool for 24 hours that can do a task people know they need to do, and we are gonna do VOLUME so we can keep the customer cost lower than they could hire it or if rented themselves so it’s a no brainer.




Something seasonal is more irresistible and logical




Power Rake



Pressure Washer

Edge Trimmer

Floor Cleaner


Example price:


Aerater: $82/day.


Most people if they rented it on their own would have to pay $82 plus fuel and time to pick it up, do the work, then return it.


Also – many landscaping people are marketing this time of year too but they are generalists and don’t know how to put a good offer together on ONE thing like this. We are gonna make it irresistible.


**Watch the weather forecast!**


The key to this working will be a few things:


  1. The demographic (people older who don’t want to go through the trouble)
  2. Getting only a few “yesses” from the initial flyer blast per neighborhood
  3. The neighbors seeing you do this for them and asking to do yours while you are at it.


We are going to perform the service for them.


EASY. You can youtube how to do it but you literally turn it on and walk it around the yard. Videos will show you exactly what to do and you can aso get a lesson from the rental people at Home Depot or whatever rental shop.


If you rent it for 24 hours, it will cost you $82.


You are gonna perform the service for them for $40. That is less than they could ever do it on their own so it’s irresistible.


You are going to stick to the same neighborhood the entire day so you will be able to budget 1 to 1.5 per hour.


You will work your ass off and do a 12 hour day. You will be able to do about 18 of these.


18 x $40 = $720


You are going to minus the rental cost of $82, flyer cost of $20, fuel cost of $20, and the helper cost of $100.


You will pocket around $500 cash in 12 hours.


I prefer you did this two days in a row so you can have an extra $1000 in your pocket for the weekend.


I did this one time with an old friend who then cut me out of the deal the next weekend and brought his Father to help. Long story short, he pocketed $50,000 cash in a few months and bought a safe to put it into. So the limit is whatever you want it to be.


Step 1: Hold and book the tool 2 weekends from now, you can rent it for Saturday or Saturday and Sunday.


Step 2: Find someone with a truck or van or use your own – tell them they can make basically free money by driving you around and helping out


Step 3: Make up 200 flyers that basically say:


“Lawn Aeration Special 50% off, this weekend only, act quick!


Dear neighbor,


We will be in your neighborhood this Saturday to Aerate your neighbors lawn – this is your chance to catch us while we are here and get your lawn aerated.


You know it’s important and you should do it, but who wants to rent it, drag it home, use it, and then go return it for more than $80…


We will save you the hassle, we’re here anyway! First come first served, the few spots we can handle will go fast. Call Mitch right now to reserve your spot!



Urgency, scarcity, social proof, undeniable offer, and something they want.


Step 4: Deliver flyers in a senior/older neighborhood. Stick on an audiobook and get some damn exercise you lazy twat. Get the kids to do it but I don’t trust those bastards. Deliver mid week before the weekend you will arrive

Step 5: When you arrive to aerate the lawn, thank the person again for their order and ask them if they have family or friends in the area because you have a few spots left and would give them priority. Have your driver/helper GO UP TO and talk to the people who WILL be outside snooping on you and/or bent over in their garden. The BULK of your jobs that day will come from people seeing you do their neighbors and ask you to do theirs too. This is why the sunny day is important – People are sheep and if one person starts doing yard work they all start and will be outside.

This is something you don’t think yourself out of – go get it done and collect the cash. People want this done and the money is there for the taking. Every single weekend.


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