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10 Genius Ways: How To Make Money From HOME In 2017!

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  1. Be a camfrog porn star (Hey, you diddle yourself all day anyway, might as well get paid for it)
  2. Take orders from Pizza hut or other call center. You can do this from the beach even. Beats working in some factory no? You can make money shitting.
  3. Convert your garage into a daycare and have the advantage of taxes and the biz paying your mortgage
  4. Join a terrible MLM and lose all your friends
  5. Look for products on ali express and make ads to sell on your local buy and sell
  6. Look on your local buy and sell and then re-list on ebay for more money
  7. Flip websites for cash on Flippa.com
  8. Setup an account on Upwork.com and make money whoring yourself out and doing services
  9. Become a life coach even if you have no life – just act confident, and post memes
  10. Start a legitimate online business (gross, nobody wants to do THAT!)

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