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The 3 Hidden Reasons You Are Always Tired

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Everyone talks about diet and lack of sleep as the two main culprits to having low energy.

While, I am not going to disagree, I would like to point out 3 hidden reasons you may always be tired. There are actually thinking processes that massively tire you out.

You know what I am talking about. Have you ever been at a party, or maybe a mall, and you just dont want to be there anymore? Or sometimes you find socializing is invigorating, or how catching up with one friend can make you buzz with excitement, while another can suck the life out of you like a vampire?

This energy stuff is real.

Also, do you feel like you don’t have time to think, or room to think properly? Ram. Need to free up ram…

The three energy fatigues that take up your mental RAM.

  1. Decision making fatigue
  2. Persona fatigue
  3. Self judgement fatigue

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