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[3 Steps] How to get rich QUICKER (Because getting rich slow is stupid)

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Is it better to get rich quickly or get rich slowly?

There’s no merit in getting there slowly, and it’s not that much money.

If you look at surveys around the world, the general consensus for rich is $150,000 USD per year. I’m sorry but that should not take a long time to make.

To me that’s not even rich but it’s all personal opinion.

It’s like a stupid badge of honor to grind and take forever to get there but really, it’s just an addiction to the struggle. Don’t fall into that trap. Get to your goal fast – don’t hang on to your struggling identity… because deep down were afraid to succeed because it means big change.

Afraid of how family will react. How friends will take it. You’ll just keep yourself always trying. Without even realizing you’re doing it.

Our brains don’t want to change.

There’s many reasons people get rich slow.

but you can boil it down to identity self sabotage and the organism staying the same.

They say it takes 10 to 12 years to become a millionaire on average.

I believe most of that time is simply convincing yourself it’s possible and that’s the type of person you are now. The actual work is pretty straightforward.

Just like a diet, the protocol is easy. Getting people to do it is another thing.

3 steps to getting rich fast. Ruthlessly seek out:

  1. Failure. You want to fall on your face a lot. Think skateboarding – good luck being a decent skateboarder if you are afraid to fall. The best have some sick twisted WANT to fall… because it means greatness.
  2. Ruthlessly seek out the best information. But you need to seek out something before you can seek out the information. Don’t get your information from Google, jokers, or neighbors. First seek out WHO has the best information, then seek the information.
  3. Ruthlessly protect your time. The richest person in the world can’t buy back a second of wasted time. You will die, don’t take this for granted – get going.

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