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A Cheater’s Handguide To World Class Advertising That Makes You Money

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I want you to be a cheater.

No, not like that.

Like this:

We want to cheat business death.

The business world murders the hopes and dreams of entrepreneurs every single day.

The prime reason online marketers fail to make any real money is because they fail to market their product or service effectively.


No s***t.


But what does that actually mean?

It means, if you are currently struggling to make money online despite great efforts, devouring every course yet nothing changes, then you are still missing something.

It is my goal in this guide to show you what that missing piece is.

It’s also fascinating to note that what you are sold the missing piece is and what it actually is are two vastly different things as you’ll soon see.

Allow me to introduce myself, then we can get right into it.

I am the marketing adviser to millionaires, CEOs, celebrities, and thousands of smart entrepreneurs crazy enough to listen to my rants.

I’m the guy who is secretly called up in the middle of the night by some of the biggest names in our business, to give them timely advice and clarity when they need it most.

I am an author of 3 books, run a wildly successful training firm with my business partner Macaully Ryan, called Opposed Media where we hold workshops and training events all across the world.

Regarded by others as The King Of Copy and the “Dan Kennedy” of today, our marketing campaigns have generated millions for our clients over the last 10 years including one that took someone from a respectable $178,000 a month to over 1.5 million dollars a month in less than 100 days.

By now you already know most people who hop into the marketing game fail miserably… and it’s usually not for any of the reasons you think they do.

Which is a good thing.

Because if I can open up a blind spot you didn’t know existed and because of that, give you a new found sense of clarity (and the refreshing sense of motivation that comes along with it), you’d start kicking more ass almost instantly!

We don’t fail because we aren’t smart, it’s because we’ve been lied to.

This is the hidden enemy behind why you are struggling… and most people have no idea it’s not their fault!

If you’re feeling stuck and a little deflated, it’s not your fault.

Most of the strategies the gurus preach virtually guarantee you give up before you’ve even started… here’s why

The real problem is the fact that you’ve been lied to for years… and these lies are keeping you from the money you deserve…

There are only 4 pillars to successful advertising.

Do you know what they are?

There are 4 corners to successful marketing. I call this the marketing diamond because it’s valuable and there are four sides – the first one is luck.

Let’s get this luck thing out of the way right now.

Luck is the first corner of the marketing game whether or not anyone likes to admit it.

You can do everything right and the campaign bombs, yet in rare circumstances you can screw everything up and somehow find success.

This is because we can observe predictable patterns in human behavior, however we can not ensure they will behave exactly how we want them to at the exact moment we want them to.

They say luck is simply “preparedness meets opportunity”, and yes, being prepared can increase your odds of increasing luck turning in your favor, yet just like poker, you can be world class and lose.

And so it is with advertising. There is a lot of luck in this game and nobody likes to admit it.

You came here for the truth so the truth you get.

It’s a well known fact that the majority of advertising done by the most elite in the world fails the first time.

The truth is, most campaigns fail because the initial failure is simply the “first split test that didn’t work”.

This game is all about testing different things until you hit the one that works.

Professional marketers who are good (like you will be after implementing this guide), cut that testing curve way down but make no mistake, it’s always there… even for the best.

I included luck in the marketing diamond because it helps you keep perspective and not assume you have to get it right the first time – action and testing is what’s important.

Luck in advertising will increase the effectiveness of the other 3 sides, and increasing the effectiveness of all three sides will increase the chances of luck – the synergy is important to note.

A rockstar can analyze hit songs of the past, know his audience, write a killer song according to all formulas, and it can still flop. Ultimately, it’s up to the market to decide what it wants, how it wants it, and when it wants it, and until we invent true telepathy, as marketers – we are just stacking the odds in our favor and hoping for the best.

So how do we stack the odds and get rich?

By first understanding the rules of the game.

You almost never hear about the core principles of effective marketing & advertising, and that’s what you’ll discover here. No email address required, no course to buy – just good ‘ol fashioned help.

Remember the marketing diamond states there are 4 corners of effecting advertising and here they are:

  1. Who (The market)
  2. What (Your offer)
  3. Where (The medium)
  4. Luck (gimme some of that sweet luck)

Everything we do in marketing can be boiled down, essence extracted, and swallowed in one easy gulp.

The reason we remain so overwhelmed and frustrated when trying to make money is because we don’t have core foundational principles to anchor our decision making process and understandings, and because of this, marketers who DO understand these are using them on you and sucking all the money out of your pockets.

(don’t get me wrong, I love sucking money out of pockets – I’m a businessman. However, like most things in life,  I believe there’s a good way, and a bad way)

The second corner of marketing:

The What.

This is your market.

Your audience.

This is one side of the diamond you have zero control over.

We can’t control our market anymore than a stockbroker can control the stock market.

You don’t have control over your market I don’t care what anyone tries to tell you – they decide what they want, when they want it, and how much they will pay for it.

It’s your job to simply uncover those truths through testing, introspection, research, and gaining a better understanding on human behavior.

We can’t create the core desires of people, to be loved, to get sex, to feel important etc… but we can channel those existing desires and feelings on to our own products and services.

Fortunately the core desires of humans never change so here’s your step-by-step blueprint to knowing your market.

Step 1: Know the universal truths about humans

Understand people do things to gain pleasure and move away from pain.

Most people are more motivated by eliminating pain, clearly evident by the success of drugs, alcohol, porn sites, tobacco, TV, video games, marketing course buying, not hitting the gym etc…

We are lazy.

We want shortcuts.

We will pay for things that save them time and money.

We are selfish and greedy.

We respond to scarcity.

We want what we can’t have.

We want what others want.

We do things to gain status.

We will do things to not lose status.

We can not be bored into buying.

Step 2: Determine the personality type of your ideal customer.

Everything we do is to raise our status or not lower our status in society.

Step #2: Find out which one trigger your ideal customer is primarily driven by:





Social connection

Happiness & inner fulfillment


Step #3: Determine the decision making value they most prefer:




Personal growth

Step #4: Determine their social strategy – are they:

A polarity responder (who needs reverse psychology applied on them)

An inward responder (who looks to himself to make a decision)

An outward responder (Who looks to others to make a decision for him)

A sameness person (Who can look at two coins and tell you why they are the same)

A difference person (Who can look at two coins and tell you why they are different)

Step #5: Determine their psychographics

NEW UPDATE* (Funny story. Some time ago, some troll pointed out that the list below came from a Dan Kennedy book. Which is true. Who knows why I didn’t credit him, but obviously it’s not to pass it off as my own since it is pretty fucking obvious if you do that shit and I’m not one of these 2cent gurus, but some people can’t accept that. Instead of pointing it out, he went whining and crying scammer. He claimed I said all marketing is lying, but it was Seth Godin who did. He wrote a book called All marketers are liars. So he took my words out of context. He also talked about me living in the 3rd world as if it’s a bad thing. I’m sorry I live in paradise but I make more money than you and your friends combined in ANY country. So anyway, this nobody started creating noise about it. Nathan Tschappler was even pathetic enough to make fake profiles trolling me until I called it out. How embarrassing for a grown man to be caught using fake profiles. Sad. and if you are reading this, which I know you are sad enough to come back and read, fuck you. This little strip of text is all you will ever get from me because you aren’t worth engaging in drama with.)

  1. What keeps them awake at night, eyes open, staring at the ceiling?
  2. What are they afraid of?
  3. What are they angry about? Who are they angry at?
  4. What are their top 3 daily frustrations?
  5. What trends are occurring and will occur in their business or lives?
  6. What do they secretly, ardently desire the most?
  7. Is there a built‐in bias to the way they make decisions? (eg. analytical)
  8. Do they have their own language and what is it?
  9. Who else is selling something similar to them, and how?
  10. Who else has tried selling them something similar and how has the effort failed?


If you can speak to them In their own language and explain their problem to them better than they can explain it to themselves, you got them.

You are probably wondering HOW to find all that information?



Consumer reports.


Look for studies and online surveys.

Visit them In person and interact with them.

Talk to key people who would know.

Interview your market.

SEM rush.

Similar Web to find competition.

Clickbank (analyze the copy of competitors offers).

Pay attention to the specific words your market uses to describe their life, situation, desires, and the world around them.

People are open books and the above list will allow you to easily find out how they need to be persuaded to buy and what they want to buy.

The third corner of marketing:

Where or “the media”.

I want to share one of my biggest aha moments with you right now.

It’s quick, but it could change everything for you and shorten your success curve by maybe 20x…

I am probably understating this…

Not understanding what I’m about to tell you is the #1 reason most people in “our” industry stay stuck for what seems like forever.

And nobody even talks about it…

Except me, so let’s do this quick:

The number one reason you can’t grasp this internet marketing game is because you get overwhelmed by all the choices, opportunities, methodologies, and strategies…

What to settle on?

Here’s how to solve that problem forever…

The secret reason you are perpetually confused is because everyone keeps selling you the wrong thing…

Well, the thing you don’t need YET.

Marketing is the matching up of 4 things remember:

Who – What – Where – Luck

You have a group of people (Who)

You have a sales pitch for something to sell (What)

You have the mode of delivery for that message (Where). *Facebook or the radio is an example

The secret reason you are overwhelmed and confused is because the “where” is always changing.

In fact, it’s what all the gurus of the minute are cluttering the market with… Why?

Because the market (people), and the message (pitch) never change…

It ain’t sexy.

But the medium constantly changes.

So marketers know we respond to NEW

So you are confused, feel left behind, and constantly outdated like you are running a race you can never win.

Because all along you have been jumping to the media (simply the delivery vehicle for a message to a market) thinking the media is always the answer.

You are CONSTANTLY sold the idea that the next magic pill revolves around tricks with the MEDIA. But it’ll never work if you don’t understand that media is fucking useless without the right message.

What and who come first, then the where becomes easy.

Think of it this way:

Advertising is identical to a concert.

There are 3 main elements to a good concert:

The crowd

The music

The stage

The stage is the least important part of this equation!

You need to know who the heck the audience is, what kind of music they listen to, and most importantly – you’ve got to deliver them the kind of music they want to hear.

If you DON’T know that first, you’re going to get on that expensive stage, play a terribly executed heavy metal song to a bunch of 50’s Jazz fans and they’re going to run away from you, bleeding from the ears and telling all of their friends about how horrible that experience was.

You’ll be there standing on stage, embarrassed, soaked in your own sweat and tears, empty wallet and even more empty soul… for nothing.


Because all you focused on was getting a cool stage that no one really cares about.

I know the media is just the stage I sing from… But you gotta have a good song to sing got it?

The entrepreneurial giant Mark Zuckerburg, owner of Facebook, Instagram and many more social giants said this:

He’s talking about the marketers and partners who provided him the message to use what he built.

If you really get what I’m saying, I may have just changed your life. It did mine…

So, to avoid standing in your own bodily fluids depressed, embarrassed and broke, here’s the real secret to making money online while your friends continue to scratch their heads in confusion.

The fourth corner of marketing

The What.

This is the music you’re actually delivering to your hungry crowd. This is the only reason anyone is going to empty their wallets with you. More commonly known as “Copywriting and Sales”.

Once you know who you want to talk to, and where they like to buy, you need to figure out what to say to them in order to make them buy your products vs any and all other options available to them including doing nothing at all.

If you use a proven formula, you can easily find out what your market wants.

What they love and hate about your products (or products similar to yours) are available for free all over the internet. When you know who they are, and where they’re hanging out, you can start to observe and interact with them.

They’ll even directly tell you what to sell to them. They’ll tell you how to sell it to them and they’ll show you how they speak so they will like you more…

It’s critical that you know the market first so you can properly craft the “what”… because this is the only one that really brings in the money.. and in advertising, this is called Copy.

Copy is the science and art of putting the right words in the right order to help someone take action on something immediately (like buying your products or subscribing to your newsletter).

There’s a process to this and I won’t get into it here, but you can click here to download my recipe for crafting million dollar advertising quickly and easily for free. (This is a direct download. I don’t even want your email. I already told you I have problems keeping up with my email list as it is.…)

Don’t expect to start magically writing multi-million dollar advertising simply by reading my 2 page report. There’s more to discover and practice before I can comfortably say you’re ready to write ads that pull in the 7 figures. This is the perfect starting point to understanding how to craft you “What” and it’s the same formula I use to write multi-million dollar advertising for myself and my clients.

When I use this formula, my copy converts like crazy. When I don’t, it fails.

Remember – even with my formula, you need to have the market dialed in to an excruciating detail FIRST.

It’s the only chance in hell you have to actually write copy or script a video that’s going to hit your market in the gut hard enough to allow themselves to take action and invest in themselves through your products.

The words are everything…

In advertising, there’s only one thing you have any control over.

You don’t have control over your market – they decide what they want, when they want it, and how much they will pay for it.

It’s your job to simply uncover those truths through testing, introspection, research, and sifting through all the BS.

You don’t have control over the platforms – If you don’t like Facebook’s algorithm, tough shit. If you don’t like the latest wordpress update, good luck fixing it.

If you can’t stand the post office losing your brochures, cry about it. It’s your job to simply color in the lines and do what they say.

The only thing you have full control over is the advertisement itself. And what is an advertisement made up of?


Get control over your words, you can make yourself and business you partner with a fortune – don’t get your words handled, you’ll continue to fail for the rest of your life.

No wonder progress comes slow, people jump head first into a platform or tool without first perfecting a message!

That’s like jumping into the ocean without knowing how to swim!

The reason everyone sells you the newest and latest fad by the way, is because as humans, it’s in our DNA to value new and novel over “heard it all before”.

That and human psychology never changes… it’s not new and sexy to sell “the message” when new and exciting platforms are coming out every single day!

But that’s exactly why everyone fails.

All the training in the world can’t help the man who refuses to first
learn how to persuade people to buy something with words.

Listen: we are human beings.

As humans, we communicate with each other.

We do this through words.

How can anything be more important than first getting the words right?

Getting your pitch right – your message – your copy – your ads – your USP – F*%&#ING WORDS!!!

I don’t care if you have a recipe for the world’s best chocolate cake – if you don’t have quality ingredients, I don’t care how hard you try or how perfectly you build that funnel… that cake will taste like shit and nobody’s buying it.

And the same goes for your business.

If you can say the right words in the right order, you can get rich.


So don’t be like everyone else

Be smarter.

It’s no secret, the few “at the top” make all the money and I’m telling you what they focus on first: The copy.

Thank you for reading, I hope this has been eye opening.

You have 4 choices going forward:

  1. Take what you’ve learned here and go on with your life and figure it out yourself. Totally cool and I respect that. If you hunt for it long enough, you’ll probably find the answers you’re looking for. But don’t forget to download your recipe for my advertising formula (totally free, don’t even opt in).
  2. You can buy a few courses from my competitors who will answer a few of your questions on how to learn your market, where to find them and what to say to them. That’s totally fine and some of them do a good job too.
  3. You can use my 12 years of experience it took to figure this out to significantly shortcut your learning curve.
  4. Take what you’ve learned here and do nothing! That’s completely up to you too although I really don’t advise it.


I’m not here to offer you any result you couldn’t find under the sun. I learned this stuff over 12 years of brutal trial and error.


And if you’re interested in not wasting 12 years of your life on this, I want to share a shortcut.


You can find out all of the details by clicking here, ONLY if you’re serious about shaving years off of your learning curve.


If not, never forget the marketing diamond: Who, What, Where, and Luck.


And good luck to you – armed with this core knowledge, you may now cheat the business death so many others are murdered by every single day.



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    A brilliant article, thanks so much for sharing. I will be referring to it a lot, since I specialize in writing about online marketing, and always stress the importance of intimately understanding your target audience. If entrepreneurs can get that right, they are on their way to marketing success.

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