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We create millionaires, fix failing companies, and teach men how to unleash their greatness through consulting, and building businesses.

We also take shit from nobody and do things our way.

We believe in primal success, and not putting up with excuses to why you can’t hit your goals.

Mitch Miller is in charge of helping you and your business breakthrough, even when all seems lost. Even if you are doing well, Mitch will find better ways to do what you are already doing.

Mitch is currently traveling the world helping people just like you through seminars, workshops, exotic breakthrough retreats, and information products which you can find access to on this blog.

Mitch is not available for one-on-one coaching, and the only way to be in touch with him is through the Facebook group, or in person.

From time to time, Mitch can perform copywriting for your business, but it must be a perfect fit, his daily base fee is $19,200, and copywriting fees are based on the estimated number of days he believes the project will take. Example: 10 days = $192,000