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Are Marketers Evil?

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Why does McDonalds sell more burgers than salads?

Why do we eat those burgers instead of going to a salad or seafood restaurant?

Lobbyists… shady marketers preying on your lack of impulse control… the New World Order…


The reason people drink coke and eat fast food is very simple:

Because you want to.

We live in a semi-free country. If people wanted to spend their money on salad and green tea, they would.

But they don’t… so why would these companies sell you things you don’t want?

Imagine you had a business. Would you keep trying to sell something people do not want, or are you going to give them what they are demanding you to give them?

Owen talks about it like this:

Imagine there were two magic potions or beverages. One beverage is so amazing for you. It can stop or reverse cancer, give you extreme amounts of energy, give you more focus, drive, help you lose weight, and can create an upward spiral in life so you can make more money and reach your dreams.

Beverage #2 is like liquid death. You drink it and it begins to age you, slow you down, speed up and cause cancers, and can help fuel a downward spiral that can create destruction and depression in your life.

Which beverage do YOU want?

Of course you want the first one, I do too. But, the truth is you don’t.

These beverages are real. One is a green drink made from fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruit. The second one is coca cola…

Almost nobody buys and drinks green drinks, yet BILLIONS of people suck back cola every day. You vote with your dollars. Nobody is forcing you to drink coke. Not the lizard people, not marketers… YOU.

You buy what you want right now, not what you really want deep down… or what you need.

Stop blaming companies, governments, and anyone else but yourself. If we didn’t buy these things, they wouldn’t exist. Companies will only sell what you want to buy – so change what you want to buy, and stop worrying about what others are doing. Clean your room before you worry about the rooms of others.

Lesson is: Marketers are not evil. They find out what you want and they give it to you. If you don’t like what they are giving you, change what you want.

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