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Entrepreneurship Explained In 25 Simple Steps…

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1. Stop being a wuss
2. Take massive risks
3. Stop caring what people think of you
4. Start caring what you think of you
5. Be perfectly ok being the leader
6. Take some more risks
7. Get beat the fuck down again and again
8. Take action while shit scared but pretending to have it together
9. Do a bunch of dumb things
10. Hookers and blow
11. Pancakes and hoes
12. Shut the fuck up this is my blog
13. Just lost half my friends list
14. Sorry Grandma I was dropped on my head
15. Stop reading this and get to work you lazy bitch
16. My course titled “The Lazy Consultant” drops in 3 months
17. There is no such thing as a magic pill
18. Just kidding, “The Lazy Consultant” is a magic pill
19. Hello ladies
20. I’m already bored of this

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