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Facebook Ad Copy-Writing Formula

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My ad copy for Facebook usually gets no lower than 4% CTR, sometimes up to 9% with a 10/10 relevance. I usually get clicks for 15 to 30 cents. I’ll share my 4 step copy formula, it’s pretty basic and one way of many… but works almost every time!

Note: A lot of the success comes down to proper targeting and split testing, and DM talks a lot about it in their trainings.

1. Attention
2. Problem
3. Command
4. Reason Why

1. Attention is the image used. I have found an image of a happy person works best. Better (usually) than non-human images.

2. Problem: I like to ask a common frustration or problem in the form of a question. Facebook is an interruption, so I ask a question. It must be answered in their mind when they see it, so it is a great lead in.

3. Command. After you ask them if they have the common frustration, next would be a command. “Then You Should Click Here:” works best for me.

4. Reason why: I find the statement “You’ll get _____ that will (or so you can) _____

Here are a few examples and you can see how well the ads flow.

Want more high paying clients?
Then You Should Click Here:
You’ll get a free report that will show you how to get 3 high paying clients in the next 7 days.
Do you suffer from arthritis pain?
Then You Should Click Here:
You’ll discover the one food you should eat everyday for breakfast in order to eliminate joint pain forever

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