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How To Avoid Having Your Life Controlled By Smart Marketers

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There is no magic pill,  “six second abs”, or one minute millionaire.


We know this, but do you know the hidden reason behind 80% of what you buy?


There is a dirty little psychological secret the best in the business know about you:  


If you feel fulfilled, happy, and secure with yourself, you won’t have a need to buy their crap.


As long as you think you are full of problems, this will guarantee you will work to make money, and have the opportunity to buy your happiness. Religion, TV, school, and the media constantly keep you frustrated and incomplete to sell you more, and more stuff. The strategy is to CREATE a problem, and sell you the solution.


I cover the tactics used in more detail here.


Now, these problems do not actually exist… but it doesn’t matter.


Think about this: On a biological level, all we want to do is survive and replicate. You could even consider, replication a form of species survival, therefore it all comes down to survival.


Since our prime directive in life is to find a mate and continue the species, let’s look at the hidden reason marketers are able to push your buttons so easily.


Men and women want to be together.


This would make us happy. This would make us BOTH happy.


Never before in history has man and woman been more divided. Most men are not real men anymore, but boys. Most women are becoming more masculine in an attempt to balance the imbalance.


And it leaves both feeling screwed up.


Society has evolved (devolved) to a point where there is a large gap, an empty space between us. And this, my friends is the gap where they sell you everything.


Dude finishes college, and moves to an apartment.


He has an average car and an average job. He works harder and harder to get a better job, to get a better car to drive, and afford a better apartment to live in. Always elevating his status so in the end, the can attract more beautiful women.


More and more.


To get more and more money, more things that will make him happy. Hopefully when he gets enough things, he will be able to seduce a “10”.


On the flipside, when a girl finishes college, she gets some average job, and puts most of her money each month into her beauty. And she is going to work harder, and harder to get a better job, more money, better clothes.


All to look more and more beautiful…


Enough to get that perfect man. This is the hamster wheel of society. The REAL rat race. All of this to be happy. For status. To be cool. To be liked. To be admired.


You can’t buy real status. You can’t buy cool. And you can’t buy happiness. This is the matrix. Our society is based on rules, and assumptions. But it is all an illusion.


Almost everything you know about what is or is not possible in your life is an illusion… just a socially reinforced magic trick.


Most guys link their happiness and fulfillment to attaining a beautiful looking woman. What is also linked though, is all of the things you need to buy in order to have that hot woman.


Your self esteem is being determined by society’s definition. Because you are not rich,

tanned, and muscular (which are all great, but are for YOU, not them) you can not get the things you want. This is all an illusion.


You do not want a ferrari, you want the feeling it will give you. You don’t want big muscles, you want the feeling and mood they will give you. You see….the trick is to feel like James bond first, and THEN all of that stuff will naturally come to you.


A healthy, wealthy, and cool person isn’t something you do it’s something you are.


Most guys have it reversed.


“If I do, wear, or buy this, then I will be cool” is absolutely backwards.


Of course most men do not think that they think this way, further reinforcing the opposite in our culture.


You do not need to have any of these. Newest clothes, hottest cars, lots of money, hot looks, chiseled chest, nice ass, and big tits to feel happy, or confident. The secret is to want them for yourself, but don’t think that you are not refined, or whole without them.


Those things are for YOU. The icing, not the cake. This is what will allow you to not be controlled by slick salesmen and shady marketers.


You already wealthy right now.


If you don’t think so, go live in the ghetto of Sao Paulo for a while…. trust me, you are rich. Utter fulfillment and happiness are your default states. Do whatever you have to to uncover it. You were born with self esteem, and it is still there waiting to be let out.


Once you start to really like yourself FOR REAL, everything you have been looking for will suddenly show up because it was there all along…

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