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How To Be Popular in High School…I Mean Internet…I Mean: How to Become the Ultimate Authority and Expert in your Niche:

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I am just gonna spill my guts for a few minutes and so this isn’t remotely structured or complete. I’m also not censoring myself so it’s possible I might offend.

But there should be a gold nugget or two you can use to make more money.

It’s worth the read if you need to position yourself as more of an expert in your field.

I am going to throw a lot at you here, and so please take the time to really ponder some of the insights and ideas here as I believe out of the 50 or so I’ll give here, even one can change your life forever.

This is a quick, down and dirty guide to becoming god like in your niche.

You have to decide that you are worthy of becoming this, and not holding too many squeamish thoughts about self promotion.

The reality is that much of this comes down to blatant self promotion.

You can do it in a cool, non obnoxious way, but make no mistake about what it entails.

The very first thing you have to do is wipe out any lingering notions that you are not qualified, or certified to be the number one expert in your field.

First off, certifications are BS.

I may catch some flack here but that’s fine.

The reality is (As Robert Ringer put it), if you want to be the authority, what the hell are you doing climbing other people’s ladders and certifications?

Think about it.

If you are relying on a certification, or award, or acknowledgment from an outside force other than yourself, how could you ever be that outside force yourself?

You are secretly looking for some higher authority to grant you permission, but by definition that means you don’t think of yourself as that higher authority. It’s a mind screw, but you have to just give yourself permission.

What is extremely damaging, is thinking that you need certifications to be successful.

What most of these institutions do is award you with permission to run at a certain level.. it is straight up control and keeping you boxed in.

What a perfect strategy to keep competitors away: create certifications that OTHER people must now follow to feel worthy enough to help people.

It’s an absolute brilliant way to keep your competition away. Don’t fall for it.

It’s funny how Harvard was invented by entrepreneurs as a way to make money. That has been long forgotten, but now we have so many people blindly climbing the ladders.

Certifiers certify for one reason: money. Dreamed up by an entrepreneur who is hidden behind the curtain to get money from insecure, weak-minded people desperate for approval and validation, unable to provide for themselves.

“Most people are walking around with their umbilical cords in their hand looking for somewhere to plug em in”

Don’t do that. Give yourself permission.. appoint yourself.

And if you truly don’t think you have the goods to be the ultimate expert and authority yet, well then why are you even reading this? Crack the books and learn your craft better.

Most people are okay having an average knowledge base on their subject. That’s not okay – You want to be THE expert, you have to learn the very best information…you have to be the best!

And it’s not hard.

Seek out the very best in the world and learn from them only! To many people will accept knowledge from any source.

Stop that shit!

Close your damn ears, and only pay attention to the best. At least for a while… know why?

Because when you have not yet mastered a subject, it’s easy to soak in bad information because you are not yet able to discern good information from bad information.

The secret and what I had been lucky enough to do from the beginning (Thanks to Tony Robbins) is only seek out and pay attention to the very best in marketing and sales. And I literally turned a blind eye to everything else for many years.

And you know what it did?

It gave me such a rock solid foundation of proper knowledge that my brain can now sort through quality and non quality ideas.

I can take in any idea and read everything out there without the fear of crap getting stuck between my ears.

And so is the same with you:

You want to have a solid foundation of expertise so that when you talk to people, your ideas, thoughts, and questions are transformational.

It’s why my comments are mostly on point.. I can see the whole picture from 100,000 feet up. And you want to do this too because the first step in being an expert and authority is actually being one.

That said, here are my favourite hacks (Once you know you have transformational knowledge):

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. You don’t have to know everything, just more than the person you are teaching.

Write a book. Immediately. Nothing gives you more credibility on a subject than having written book on it. Not sure how to begin? Figure it out! Millions of people have done it before you, it’s not that hard.

Next, stop all prospecting. Do not cold call, do pro-bono work, image advertise, exhibit at trade shows, or anything else that can be seen as pursuing.

Next, stop answering your phones.

Busy, in demand professionals are not sitting at there telephones waiting for new business.. they are busy!

If you want to speak with a truly successful person, you have to book a phone appointment. This alone, will make a big difference in your positioning.

Next, don’t be afraid to be self aggrandizing. Promote yourself, brag, do whatever it takes to let people know you are the best. Becoming an authority and expert is not achieved by being timid.

Use the strategy of attachment, and name drop. Associate yourself with celebrities, through sponsorship, images, or even renting one.

Have an intake procedure. Make people apply to work with you. Get an assistant. Always make people come to you.

Avoid all proposals.

Ditch them NOW.

Experts do not propose anything.. Your doctor does not propose a medicine. He diagnoses and prescribes, and now so do you. Call them action plans, and do not stick to the normal formats, think “sales letter”.

Research and fall in love with supply and demand. Use it in your favor. Limit the supply of yourself (Even if it is only through perception), and your demand will go up. Use perception at first to fuel the eventual reality.

Remember, there’s a very short line waiting to see the wise man at the bottom of the mountain.
Severely limit access and availability to you.

Understand and master takeaway selling. Tattoo these rules and truths to your forehead (And really ponder the incredible power of them and how you can use them):

– People want what they can’t have

– People want what others want

– Degree of desire = degree of difficulty

– Ease of accessibility = Diminished desire

– More disinterest in their money = greater desire to give it to you

– It’s hard to be a prophet in your homeland


Start to say things like:

I do not ordinarily accept…

It will be very difficult to…

I’m honestly not eager to…

My partner will kill me but…

I am willing to make an exception for you because…

Required reading:

Winning Through Intimidation

The Closers

Thick Face, Black Heart

World Class Selling

No BS Sales Success

Start speaking publicly. You will be extremely respected if you can start speaking at events, schools, hold your own events.

Write. A lot. Do videos. PROVE you are an expert.

Charge very high fees. How? By adding multiple zeros to your fees.

Anyway, rant over. Bottom line: Decide who you want to be, and just be it.. it’s really that simple.

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