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How To Get Rich

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How To Get Rich:

1. Marry rich (Maybe it’s too late for that. Ask your spouse.)

2. Inherit wealth (If you haven’t already done so, check with your family. If they’re rich, be sure your in the will and politely ask how long they plan on staying around. Mastercard’s going to want to know.)

3. Hit the lottery (It’s twice as likely you’ll be hit by lightening)

4. Invent the next iPhone, carrot peeler, or Farmville (Good luck – you’ll need it)

5. Quickly develop a solid quality service business, supported by true marketing systems, maximize it’s profitibility, extract from it a $100,000 to $200,000 a year (or month), and invest wisely. Develop exceptional systems, goodwill, and equity so when you are ready to retire, you can sell it for a substantial sum of money and walk away. (This is very, very likely to happen if you invest in the Lazy consultant training program we are releasing in July).

6. Rub your lucky rabbit’s foot key chain every morning (can’t hurt) but wasn’t very lucky for the rabbit.

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