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If you want to be untouchable and “unfuckwithable” in life and business… Just Whip Out: The God Card.

The God Card is about how to have unshakable confidence and ensuring you are a winner no matter the outcome.

This is the ultimate strategy for winning at life and what will make you ROCK SOLID.

This has nothing to do with thinking you are actually god, or having an ego the size of Trump Tower.

God or the universe is made up of the duality of positive and negative.

The problem is in life, we only plan for the positive with a kind of blind faith… closing our eyes to anything negative.

This makes you WEAK. And fragile. The boogeyman already has your number.

What makes up the “God Card” is really adopting a *perspective* that is far more distant than your next outcome.

Let’s face it. With every goal you have a possibility of failure. That’s just life. It does happen and it will happen.

But if you incorporate any possible failure into your “big picture” in advance and find a way so that you know you will decide to benefit from it there will never be a disappointment or surprise.

This will allow you to reevaluate what you are doing and make changes swiftly and relatively painlessly.

These changes can be in how you look at things, your tactics to achieve your outcome and even your outcomes themselves. Most people “fail” only because they invest too much of themselves in their success so that when it falls short they are devastated.

Some never recover…

However if they realize failure is possible and just a matter of time, and incorporate it, and should it happen all they do is continue on with their business. They have a bigger picture of themselves, Life, and their goals.

The result is they are more flexible to respond to what life throws them.

They are kinder to themselves and to the people around them because they feel in control no matter what the situation.

Nothing surprises you.

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