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Interview With John Carlton

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John Carlton. Know that name? If you don’t… where the hell have you been? Are you even in business bro?

Well… I interviewed him and you can listen to it below.

So, who is John Carlton?

The greatest marketer who ever lived, and his dear friend and business partner Gary Halbert had this to say about John:

“John is the first guy I call when I have a marketing problem.
His insights and marketing prowess are unparalleled among the working advertising experts I know… and I know them all. The money available, when you learn what insiders like John has to share, is just insane. In my book, there is John… and no one else is even close”.

Dan Kennedy said:

“John Carlton is a copywriter I would hire, and there are damn few of those. Further, I would pay to be in a room to learn from him, and there are even fewer people on that list.”

Frank Kern said:

“Just before the famous StomperNet launch, everything was in doubt. We cornered John for advice, and in just a few minutes he provided such clarity that the fog melted away… and I was finally able to write the pitch that made Internet marketing history, with record results. That’s twice he’s helped me — long ago, when I was broke, clueless and desperate, I somehow found John’s ‘Kick Ass’ course… and halfway through, a calm confidence came over me. I told my wife that everything was going to be all right, because this really made sense. When John talks about changing your life, he’s not kidding around.”

So yeah…

John’s ads have made his clients literal fortunes! They have been featured in Men’s Health, Golf Digest magazine and many more…

In my mind, John is the world’s greatest living copywriter and marketer. And therefore, if you have any desire to get better at what you do, listen to this interview. Seriously.

Do it NOW while it’s fresh on your mind.

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