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It’s OK You Are Not Successful!

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it’s ok man!

Your mom says it’s ok to eat another muffin.
Your wife says it’s ok to watch another 30 minutes of TV.
Your trainer says it’s ok to eat that cookie as long as your trying.
It’s ok to do it tomorrow.
It’s ok I’m fat.
It’s ok I’m broke.
It’s ok my wife is about to leave me because my estrogen is higher than my testosterone and I can’t fuck her like I used to.
It’s ok my kids don’t respect me.
It’s ok I’m going to die miserable and alone.
It’s ok nobody will remember me 30 seconds after I’m gone.
It’s ok I just existed and did only 10% of what I knew I could.
It’s ok I saw things in the world I wanted to change but was too lazy or scared to even try.

But what if it’s not ok?

Have some guts and say It’s NOT ok.

Stop smiling if there is nothing to smile about. Get fucking mad.

That’s all it takes to turn it around. You don’t need a course on how to grow a pair and LET LOOSE on the world. You are looking to buy a fire to place under your ass, but you ARE the fire, you decide how big it is right now through the intensity of your emotions… courses are just the firewood, but the fire has to be stoked first… too much firewood on a little flame just creates smoke. Then you cough and choke out.

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