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Lazy Idiot’s Beginner Guide On How To make money online fast

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When trying to start a business, every time you do something wrong it slows you down. So the only way to do it fast is to do it right.

It all starts with what to sell.

But in order to know what to sell, you need to know the secret about picking a product…

The secret is to pick the people first.

Business is people, so you always look at a group of people who need a problem solved, and from there, the perfect product becomes obvious.

Secret 1: Picking a product first is fatal

Secret 2: Pick a group of people

Secret 3: How to pick the perfect group of ppl:

  1. Are they passionate and emotional about the topic?
  2. Are they irrational about the topic?
  3. Are they easy to reach?
  4. Are they insatiable?

If you’d like the full tutorial on this, check out my latest Youtube video on this topic released today:

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