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Maybe You SHOULDN’T Buy Our Products…

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Are you just beginning your journey into the world of marketing, as in you know nothing at all? Then I recommend you do NOT purchase my new product… let me explain.

Someone got in touch with me today to ask who to follow and learn from. He said he is skeptical of everyone and doesn’t know who to trust. It’s so confusing, and he feels lost and scattered in this noisy industry… Here’s my answer:

Don’t listen to me. Don’t listen to Tai Lopez. Don’t pay attention to Frank Kern. None of us…

Because that would be a mistake. At least right now. My number one overriding principle in business is: Learn from the top down.

If you are brand spanking new to marketing, I want you to first study:

Jay Abraham
Dan Kennedy
Claude Hopkins
Gary Halbert

Then… if you feel so inclined, you can buy my stuff. Or anyone else’s.

Am I giving my power away to those guys and not believing in myself, possibly blowing sales, and delaying my own legendary (lol) status?


It’s not about me. It’s about you. And if you are new, you have no business learning from any of us present day teachers… yet… even if our courses are GREAT. You need a foundation of knowledge from the legends and philosophers who lived it FIRST. Then you can work your way down and across.

Many people will not agree with me here – As if I care. The fact is, if you are new, confused, can’t for the life of you figure out what the fuck is going on in this crazy marketing world… you are paying attention to too many things, and trying to learn algebra before basic addition and subtraction.

Do this – study the wisdom of the great philosophers before you, the people who taught the people trying to teach you today… and you will come away with a rock solid foundation of knowledge that will then ALLOW you to sift through all of the noise today and easily be able to pick out the good parts and discard the bad without getting sucked down wrong paths, and some faker taking your money.

However, our products are great, and if you want them, cool, I’m not gonna stop you. In fact, you can check out my “Lazy Method” of consulting here.

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