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Mitch Miller Is A Fraud

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Mitch Miller is a fraud.


A scammer. Be careful, he might screw you.


Is what I hear at least once per week. And guess what?


If you are doing any sort of high stakes business in the real world, with real people… you will hear people say these things about you too.


Why am I even talking about this?


As a lesson, to give you (rising entrepreneur) some perspective and thoughts when this does or has happened to you.


Life is simply a learning experience.


Guess what happens when you play high stakes poker? SOMETIMES YOU LOSE. No matter how great you think you are and no matter your skill.


Every great person has failures and failed projects.


Name one great businessman who succeeds 100% of the time?


Listen not everything will work.


It’s true.


Dan kennedy himself said marketing campaigns and sales letters are a gamble at best.


Will a project be a success over the long term? 


Only if you keep tweaking.


Like the Edison light bulb. How many times did he try? What if he gave up or lost faith halfway through?


But guess what – if you give up before you finish the tweaking, you cut off your own inevitable success and you completely waste the time of your consultant and his team in the process.


I have flaws like crazy but guess what else I have? Integrity. What you see is what you get.


I do my best.


Sometimes that’s not good enough.


No sympathy though – This is business.


I’m writing this because you will always have people who had a bad experience, got impatient to keep tweaking, or we just had a failed project together..


and they will paint inaccurate and overly dramatic pictures of who we are and what we do.


Or who you are and what you do.


You are talking about trying to predict human behavior and control large groups of people to your needs. This isn’t easy and NOBODY get’s it right every time. We aren’t best buy over here.


This is also the reason we stopped giving out refunds. Both parties put out incredible resources to make something work together. The client puts up money, we put up tons of man hours, research, and work product.


Copywriting is painful. It is DIFFICULT. Try writing a hit song. Go ahead, go home and write a hit song to sell to Bieber.


There is a magical quality to our services and sometimes it takes longer than it should.


It is what it is.


This is also why the shift to working with already successful clients.


They get it.


I will also tell you that clients are extremely good at mucking up their own projects. It is a tendency to put 100% responsibility on a service provider, when the reality is there are many moving parts before and after the service someone provides that can have a major impact on results. Most people don’t look at that – mostly because it forces them to look at themselves.


That said, I love my clients.


And as of right now, I can proudly say I have the greatest clients in the world and can’t wait to see what we do together.


We succeed with our clients more than we fail and I wanted to write this article to tell you there are always two sides to every story, and no one can win every single time… and that you don’t need to lose, so long as you don’t give up.


Therein lies the lesson of choosing your clients quickly – just like an actual relationship.


Sometimes two people just don’t connect like they thought they would and that’s okay.


Is all the bad stuff about me true?


It’s probably all true – yet overblown and dramatized.


Are all the amazing things said about me also true?


It’s probably all true  – yet overblown and dramatized.


All in all, I am just a guy doing my best to help people. You have to make your own decision about who I am and if you want to be involved with me.


Be careful out there my friends – things are never as they seem.

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