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(Viewer Discretion Is Advised) Raise Your Fees Or Go Out Of Business…

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Just got the keys to my new villa for the month here on Koh Samui, here are a few pictures of the property:

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This month we are heavily focusing on new content for you guys – so let’s crack into it right now!

This is a BIG mistake I see most new entrepreneurs or self employed people making.

Hell, I even see veterans doing this who should know better and be setting a better example for the new guys coming up in the game.  I believe it comes from “leftover beliefs” lingering around from when you were still an employee.

There are many subtle ways you undermine yourself and lower your status in the marketplace you may not even realize you are doing – mostly because everyone is doing it… which in of itself makes it wrong in my books. Clear as day, I can pick up on little “signals” that scream out to your peers and prospects:  “I am not on your level!”.

If you’d like to know the very first behavior to ruthlessly cut out of your business right now, that will elevate the status and respect you get from people, and probably triple your income at the same time, this is it:

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