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Mark Pescetti hit the nail on the head talking in another thread about the energy between 2 people is nearly everything in sales – and he’s right. Which reminds me of a fascinating “law” that I am very mindful of but rarely hear talked about:

The law of state transference.

Simply means: whatever you feel, they feel. And vice versa. But… here’s where this gets powerful.

The person reacting less to any social or sales interaction holds all the power.

Furthermore, the person feeling the most intense state, will infect the other person and their state will be changed to theirs. Example:

A first date.

If you are both equally nervous, you guys will amplify and speed up that nervous state until you are a both a ball of full absurd nervousness.


If you are more relaxed than the other person is nervous, they will relax. But If they are more nervous than you are relaxed, you will fall nervous.

This is called frames. The strongest mental frame and the strongest emotional intensity always wins.
So keep this in mind when selling. Be so unshakably certain of your ability and intention to deliver value, that the law of state transference kicks in and washes over them.

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