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All the training in the world can’t help the man who refuses to first learn how to persuade people to buy something with words.

Listen: we are human beings.

As humans, we communicate with each other.

We do this through words.

How could anything be more important than first getting the words right?

Getting your pitch right – your message – your copy – your ads – your USP – F*%&#ING WORDS!!!

I don’t care if you have a recipe for the worlds best chocolate cake – if you don’t have quality ingredients, I don’t care how hard you try or how perfectly you build that funnel… that cake will taste like shit and nobody’s buying it.

And the same goes for your business.

If you can say the right words in the right order, you can get rich.


Home Study Program

How to become a trusted and popular authority FAST

The 4 Big Consulting Traps That Will Keep You Broke (Do not fall into these)

The Dirty Little Secret Of Superiority (Why you need to feel “above” your clients to even have a chance at helping them)

7 Creative And Sneaky Client Getting Strategies To Deploy If You are low on Money

How To Have Rock star Level Charisma (Command attention and respect everywhere you go)

Developing Your “Character” and constructing your public image

How To Take A Powerful Picture Of Yourself (Photography and video advice)

Integrity, morals, and ethics – When to play fair, when NOT to play fair

Reputation 101 (Discover what a reputation is actually made of (I GUARANTEE it’s *not* what you think it is)

How To Design Your Reputation And Create Your Own Legendary Status

Seeing Through The Matrix – How To Use Your New Reputation To Bend Reality (and clients) to your will
How To Survive A Media Scandal Or Bashing From Your Industry

If You Must Get Clients Cold Right Now… Here Is EXACTLY How To Do It.

Discover the secret of Self Aggrandizement, and Circus Thinking

How To Make A Big Deal Out Of Small Things (Never be fooled again by people doing it to you)

The “Pizza Boy Method” to getting any important person to talk to you

My Step By Step Guide To Writing And Publishing Your Own Book (and releasing it on Amazon) In A Short Weekend

Understand Fake Media VS Real Media and how you can be talked about in the news very easily

The “Rent A Celebrity” Strategy

The “Schwarzenegger” Strategy

How To Exercise Power And Control Over The Client

Understanding Frame Control And The Hidden Game Of Frames

The Magic Of Takeaway Selling

Advanced Takeaway Selling Advice

How To Close The Deal – My six step system including exact phrasing

All Possible Objections You Will Get And Exactly What To Say To Overcome Them

What To Do If Your Client Resists Your Advice

How To Price Your Services properly so you get big money and get it UPFRONT

Fee Presentation Mistakes (What NOT to say – odds are you are throwing away money right now…)

When to know to fire a client, how To Fire Clients, and exactly what to say so it’s not awkward

And much more…

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(Free Access)

Day 1:
“The 4 Secret Consulting Truths That All Super Successful Consultants Use To Their Advantage That You Do Not”
Day 2:
“Frames & Frame Battles: What They Are, Why They Happen, And How To Beat Them…”
Day 3:
“How to Harness The Incredible Power Of Takeaway Selling So Clients Start Begging You To Accept Them!”
Day 4:
“If You Don’t Have A Standardized Intake Procedure, You are Always Going to Be A Reactive Little Hamster Running On That Wheel Looking Stupid…”
Day 5:
“How To Close The Deal…”

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