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Do you have a business you are just starting, or a project you are trying to get off the ground?

Well, you are in luck, because I am going to show you how to raise money (potentially millions) to build it out so fast your head will spin.

As matter of fact, I am about to test this out in two unrelated industries…here’s what it is:

Peter Diamandis opened my mind to this strategy and it is brilliant.

First thing you do is run a Kickstarter campaign to raise donations and start-up capital. Actually, at this point, you shouldn’t even care about using the money to “start up”… there is a secret hidden reason to raise the money which I’ll tell you about in a minute.

If you want to make sure you run a successful Kickstarter campaign, study this blog post.

For example, if you have an idea of a product or service for Realtors, buy and partner up with traffic that is only realtors! Make your page compelling and a service you KNOW your market wants and then LET YOUR MARKET DONATE AND BUILD THEIR OWN SERVICE/ PRODUCT.

This is just step one, and here is where the real evil genius kicks in:

Once you have proof of concept and pre-market commitments (Your customers raised their hands with their own money!)… You now have undeniable proof and solid numbers that your business idea is valid…which is something all of those fools that appear on Shark Tank don’t have…

Then you run a crowd funder campaign (Where investors/venture capitalists invest into business ideas) and you basically leverage the proof of concept and numbers from your Kickstarter campaign to raise as much money as you could possibly want to make your business as big as you want it to be.

This one-two punch is nearly unheard of, but some entrepreneurs are using it to raise millions in a matter of weeks.

It’s pure genius because you are able to leverage factual proof of concept and investors will invest without fear.

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