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Webinar Secrets The Top Guys Wont Tell You (Controversial)

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Webinar Secrets The Top Guys Wont Tell You (Controversial)

Good morning. Or evening… I honestly don’t know anymore.

I am still in northern Thailand which means I am far away from the real world, and on an opposite schedule from North America.

I stay up until 5 am too.

Not good…

On a related note, I found out I have a GABA deficiency. This may be extremely interesting to you as well, since our brain function is regulated by 4 major neurotransmitters – and if you are deficient in one of them, you are going to have problems you may not think are related to that. Like fatigue or insomnia. 

I found out which one I was deficient in by taking the Braverman test. Its free, and very revealing.

Anyway, if you do webinars (or any online presentation for that matter), I am going to share some secrets to selling more stuff on them.

These concepts hit me like a ton of bricks while crafting my live presentation that I will be traveling the world with next year. I have been studying like a madman with books everywhere, notes, and basically losing my mind in my cave here.

My little cave for the next few months

My little cave for the next few months

I have been piecing many concepts and truths together tonight from my thoughts and various mentors, and these ideas I have stitched together apply really well to webinars and online presentations and you will rarely, if at all hear anyone talk about these because they either dont know, or dont have the guts to tell you. 

Here they are.

Your only goal is to extract the maximum
amount of money from them. 

You MUST be perfectly clear on this.

You can not be shaky on this.

You must be an assassin with a one track mind.

Your goal is not to give good content or make them love you, fuck that. Your primary and only goal is to SELL.


Because its the only good thing you can actually do for them! It is the only way to actually help them. Let me explain…

You think you are going to create lasting behavioral change in 45 minutes? There is no way. In fact, they have forgotten most of what you said 20 minutes ago, even if they took notes. 

The theory of primacy and recency holds true: People will only remember the first things you said, and the last things… the middle becomes a blur.

This also means you don’t want to teach too many concepts. Trust me, I know you WANT to… it’s just a bad idea.

Remember your only goal.

(Most of the time we teach too much content because deep down we feel we might not be enough.. everything can be traced back to self esteem issues).

The only chance you have of changing any persons life is to get them so committed to the ideas you have exposed them to that they are willing to spend money on further training, coaching, or your services so that the 5% of people who will actually take action will get success.

For everyone who leaves your webinar or presentation empty handed, you did nothing for them. In fact, you ripped them off.

You stole an hour of their life, pumped them full of good emotions, then abandoned them on a street corner with nothing but their terrible memory and a glimpse of the good life. 

Shame on you.

The faster you talk,
the more you sell. 

This is a documented fact, unless your marketing to narcoleptic swimmers or something. This is why hustlers are known as fast talkers.

Don’t actually tell them
to do anything.

No, I am not being mean or shady… think about what I said earlier:

They will forget it anyway, and get confused. Confused people do not buy. If they do not buy, you cant actually help them.

So what do you do?

Tell them what to do but not how to do it.

(They do not know the difference between the two and think they actually got the how to anyway).

The trick is to give them the illusion of how to without actually giving it to them.

DO NOT BECOME THE TEACHER or you will diminish your income on these webinars. You are not a teacher, you are a salesman. They wont remember shit anyway. But they still need to feel like they are getting how to or else they are not happy. 

This is all about control. You must never forget that your only goal is to get them committed enough to your ideas to buy so that they can go through your ACTUAL program, and get REAL success with it. And if you fail them by being timid, or Mr. teacher, happy go lucky value giver, they wont buy and you wasted everyone’s time.

The biggest rookie mistake you can make is to give a ton of value, blow their minds, and think that by simply doing a dazzling job of teaching, they will buy without a hard sell at the end. They wont.

** Last secret **

Use self deprecating stories. When you are presenting, you do have a power over your audience. They are afraid to do what you are doing, and you have some leverage here. But you need to be relatable. So a great thing to do (even multiple times in a presentation) is to show them you are human too. They need this. If you dont, you wont sell very much product.

How do I know?

It happened to me… multiple times actually. I am so dense, it took me 3 webinars to figure out that I wasn’t being human enough, and needed to show that I am a bumbling fool just like the rest of us. I made ZERO dollars on 3 back to back webinars… how embarrassing.

And if you noticed, I just did it right here in the article as I explained it. Its powerful stuff, take advantage of it!

Ok fine, I will give you one last bonus secret:

How To Craft The Perfect Transition
From Your Content To Your Pitch.

It can sometimes be awkward to phase into the pitch, but that is usually because you are winging it. DO NOT WING IT! The sale and your clients future is too important to be left up to chance. Every word counts, and I am not just saying that because I am a copywriter lol.

The perfectly smooth transition:

  1. Setup a problem using an if then statement (They will forget it all, and lose their notes)
  2. Tell them your content is just a small piece of what they need to know
  3. Tell them you are solving this problem by allowing them to finish their education through your product

If you found what I shared with you valuable, then the problem is you will forget it all by the time you leave this webinar and this was all for nothing. (Talk about primacy and recency). Even if you took notes, you know you never  look at them again, and they just get buried somewhere. What I have shared here with you is just a small sliver of what is required to ____. That is why I created 16 videos, and 12 audios etc…..

Boom. I am outta here 😉


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