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Why Living In 5-Star Hotels Is The Cheapest Money You’ll Ever Spend…

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How much money is it costing you by NOT living and staying in 5 star accommodation right this second?

Here’s some thoughts about why I think you NEED to start living 5 star immediately, especially if you think you can’t afford to…

First off, if you think you can’t afford to, you actually can’t afford not to…

You are losing money by not living in a super nice place and here’s why:

Everything in our lives is energy, vibe, and frequencies.

You can literally “feel” when you are around:

– low vibration people
– low vibration environments

We’ve tested this and even an “OK” type condo, house, or hotel was built with the energy of just being “OK” not exceptional…

And because it was built with that mediocre end in mind, it’s managed the same way and by the same kind of people.

And it keeps you down.

It suppresses your frequency.

Low vibration environments will drag you down with them.

When we decided to only stay in 5 star hotels, and apartments, our lives changed.

It’s smells good…
You feel like a king (or queen).
You wake up feeling refreshed.

You can almost smell the pride, success, and elevated thought from the builders to the staff to the other high frequency people on the other side of those walls… Beckoning you to be better.

Your confidence improves.
You act from abundance not scarcity.
You make better decisions.
You make more money.

Not to mention, having a daily maid allows us to focus on what’s important and the apartment scene “resets” itself daily.

You live there, sleep there, eat there, fuck there… nothing is more important than your enviroment – that shit seeps into your entire being.

This is also why I fucking hate people who constantly harp about living humble and not buying super high class stuff.

Go ahead and live how you want, but buying that super expensive dream car could be the cheapest money you ever spend.

How much money is it costing you by not upgrading your living situation immediately?

Far too much in my opinion, and far more than the added cost of doing so.

Living in a cheap place is way too expensive…

So, If I told you that living where you are right now may be not only costing you too much money, but might even be sealing the fate of your success along with it, would you believe me?

Or would you keep doing what you are doing and live forever in a low vibrational prison where you think you are free…


Or am I full of new age shit

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